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Five New Mom Must Haves for Five Minute Style

October 11, 2013

Five New Mum Must Haves for Five Minute Style

It never occurred to me that as a woman with a fashion design background, I would become a mom who looked like she just rolled out of bed. But I did, and when I looked around I saw a lot of moms just like me: tired (with all the demands of a new baby), and struggling with the comfort/style balance.

I knew that there had to be a way to look good, with a little effort, and still be comfortable.

Funk and Effortless

A new day dawned for me when I realized it was time to put my cut and design skills to work: creating breastfeeding clothes that would flatter while still being comfy and easy to wear. I knew that with the right clothes to suit my postpartum body my new ‘five minute rule’ for getting dressed would never leave me feeling disheveled again.

Here are my five minute secrets to feeling a little less frazzled and a little more funky:

  1. High Waisted Pants: High waisted pants will keep you looking fashionable, not frazzled. Go for bootleg or skinny leg pants, in black of course.

  2. Leggings: Leggings are your number one must have for comfort. They will slim down your legs, be kind to your uncomfortable waist line and also look smart.

  3. Proper Cut Breastfeeding Tops: Finding tops with the right cut that make breastfeeding easy is the key. Breastfeeding tops that come in pretty geometrics and retro florals will offer camouflage for your postpartum tummy, and fun, funky styles go perfectly with leggings. For a more subdued look, go for solid colours – in everything from blouses to tanks and tunics.

  4. Nursing Dresses: In the summer when you are not 100 percent ready for shorts, cute nursing dresses will give you the silhouette you want. Breastfeeding dresses are ideal for more formal occasions too, like weddings and date nights.

  5. Flats: Complete your look with all sorts of fashionable flats. From loafers to sandals and moccasins to cute canvas sneakers, flats will polish off your look and can be slipped into with baby in tow. And don’t forget those must-have flat boots in booties or knee highs that are très chic this year.

Voila! Five new mom must-haves for five minute style.

It’s easy to shop online here at Peachymama, so adding a little style to your life is just a click away! 

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