The 4 Qualities Of Fantastic Postpartum Clothing

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The 4 Qualities Of Fantastic Postpartum Clothing

April 08, 2016

The 4 Qualities Of Fantastic Postpartum Clothing

Maternity clothing is a huge deal here in the US, but the women who seem to be the most neglected are those struggling to find something to wear after they have given birth to babies.

Sometimes wearing yoga pants isn’t enough or throwing on your partner’s over-sized hoodie just does not cut it.

This is why Peachymama exists.

Our clothing is designed to flatter every mom at each and every stage of parenthood, from the earliest days of nursing to well after - when her baby is in daycare or even in preschool and she returns to the workforce.

There are some qualities in postpartum clothing you should look for every time and which we are proud to also have incorporated into ours:

Stretchy Fabric In All The Right Places

We specialize in being able to accommodate the different sizing needs a new mom may have.

From a shrinking mid-section to a growing – and shrinking – and again growing bust, new moms need clothing which is able to adapt to the many changes their own bodies face on a daily basis.

We are proud to have clothing which not only constantly fits right, but which compliments a new mom’s appearance.

Flattering Where It's Needed

It is rare for a new mom’s body to instantly “snap back” into its pre-baby state after birth. In fact, it can easily take twelve months or more! That is why our stylish breastfeeding clothes here at Peachymama has a forgiving midsection, whether that been nursing tanks and nursing tees to breastfeeding dresses and high waisted pants. Our goal is to keep you comfortable while making you look so very fashionable.

Splurge On Some Fun Fashions

We have all done it, pre-baby, and you should do it post-baby too. Your maternity clothing has likely made you feel bored and your pre-pregnancy clothing do not yet fit. Indulge in one or two breastfeeding pieces which speak to the season and your own personality. It may seem silly, but this clothing is the perfect “pick me up” at any time you may feel low or are planning to go and enjoy a girl’s night out.

Multi-Functional Clothing

We tap into trend, but our company has a core focus on the basics: the tanks, tees, and black high-waisted pants so that you can create the outfit you want and deserve. The Peachymama team believes that you can make an outfit with a few staples and a handful of accessories.

Explore what breastfeeding-friendly fashions you can create for yourself only at Peachymama!

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