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Winter Breastfeeding Clothes – Weather-Appropriate Clothing For Breastfeeding In Winter

August 05, 2014

Warm Clothes For Winter Breastfeeding – Weather Appropriate Clothing For Breastfeeding In Winter

Winter time breastfeeding, especially when youre outside or near a draft indoors, can be a challenge as well as being chilly.

Pulling a standard shirt up for breastfeeding exposes your skin to the cold air, while bulky winter sweaters can be heavy to lift and a burden to keep held up for breastfeeding and can make a feeding mom uncomfortably hot.

Fortunately, this Winter these problems can be solved so feeding moms can stay nice and warm with their babies, beginning with:

Nursing Tops For Getting Comfortable

There’s nothing that will cause a feeding mom to catch a chill faster then having her bare skin going in contact with the winter’s cold air while she’sbreastfeeding in winter. This is what moms suffer from when they don’t have shirts specifically designed for breastfeeding.

Wearing tops tailored for breastfeeding allows moms to not only stay warm by eliminating the need to expose so much of their skin to the elements but it also enables them to nurse more discreetly in public as well. Our personal favourites here at Peachymama are our unique gypsy-style breastfeeding tops and our gorgeous blue “ocean” jewel tone nursing top.

Wearing Neutral Cardigans To Fight The Cold

The most convenient technique for staying comfortably warm during the cooler winter season is to wear your clothes in layers so you can take away or add pieces as you need to in order to maintain the perfect temperature, regardless of what the conditions are outside or inside.

Having at least one or two neutral coloured cardigans in taupe, cream, white or black will free you up to layer a few short-sleevedwinter breastfeeding tops such as double layered t-shirts and tank tops styles.

Mix Your Wardrobe Selection Up With Long Sleeved Dresses

Weary of having to wear tops all winter long? Youre not the only one.

Having functionally styled long sleeved dresses in your wardrobe will help a new mom feel and look her best all winter long.

Our range ofwinter nursing clothes here at Peachymama comes in several fabulous prints which can be combined with our skinny jeans or leggings on those cooler winter days, then there are our wrap dresses like our aqua blue wrap style which are a big hit with many breastfeeding moms looking for that special garment that’s big on both comfort and style. 

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