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Breastfeeding Innovators You Should Know About

September 10, 2018

Breastfeeding Innovators You Should Know About

The breastfeeding journey a mom and her baby share is a beautiful thing, and it is something that requires ongoing support from friends, loved ones, experts, and even innovators. Today we’re going to celebrate many of the leading breastfeeding innovations and their innovators, starting with a pain point most breastfeeding moms share: the breast pump.

Making a pump that doesn’t “suck”

The breast pump hasn’t changed much over the past few decades. They’re hard to control, difficult to clean, and some are so noisy they can be heard from a few rooms over.

Catherine d’Ignazio inspired the MIT Media Lab to host what they called the “Make the Breast Pump NOT Suck” hackathon in 2014. Since then a number of innovative and easy to use breast pumps have popped up, including hands-free and sensor-enabled models.

Expanding milk banks and parental rights

Milk banks play a crucial role in ensuring the health and well-being of vulnerable newborn infants and babies who need to spend time in the NICU. Despite the importance of donor human milk banks, they face a constant shortage with many hospitals not having enough to go around.

Indiana-based non-profit “The Milk Bank” is striving to change all of that, having provided pasteurised donor breast milk to preterm and sick infants to more than 100 hospitals across the United States.

But the organisation is doing more than ensuring that hospitals have enough donor breast milk at hand. They have also established a policy allowing employees who exclusively breastfeed or pump to bring their babies along to the workplace for the first six months after birth.

Getting political with breastfeeding

Australian Senator Larissa Waters became world renowned after she breastfed her 14-week-old daughter in the Australian Senate Chamber. Though some may not have approved of the act, Waters received an amazing amount of support and is the reason behind a number of social media campaigns, including #ThisisWhataPoliticianLooksLike”. Many have also called for an annual “Breastfeed your Baby in Parliament Day”.

Private feeding and pumping in public

As many moms will tell you, breastfeeding and pumping in public is not exactly the most comfortable experience.

Sascha Mayer of Mamava set out to change all of that by creating breastfeeding and pump “pods” that give moms the opportunity to discreetly feed their baby anywhere a pod can be found. When the app is downloaded, you’ll be alerted if there are any Mamava prefabricated pods nearby.

Activists spreading breastfeeding awareness

Word about the massive benefits of breastfeeding is spreading, but in some parts of the world the news is spreading more slowly than others. One example is Nigeria which has one of the lowest rates of exclusive breastfeeding and one of the highest incidences of child death.

Hauwa Abbas, a founder of the non-profit organisation Silver Lining for the Needy, has made it her mission to continually educate mothers around the world about the benefits of breastfeeding, with her main focus being Nigeria. She and her team are committed to protecting the health of mothers and children, with their goal being to prevent needless deaths in childbirth or during pregnancy.

Dedicated to supporting mamas around the globe

Peachymama is proud to be part of the breastfeeding movement in Australia, US and beyond. We’re committed to designing and creating stylish breastfeeding and postpartum attire that make moms feel comfortable and confident while allowing them to easily and discreetly feed their little one no matter where they may be.

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