Dressing for Work (and Comfort) When Pregnant

Dressing for Work (and Comfort) When Pregnant

As your baby bump grows, finding the right outfits for work every day can be quite a challenging task. What you used to wear may no longer fit you, and your old clothes may feel uncomfortable. But there’s no need to give up on being stylish once you are pregnant.

You may feel that you need to adjust your clothing each trimester, but you can definitely invest in some garments that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and even when you are nursing after delivery. Put together is a list of garments that you will need when pregnant and working.

  • Maternity jeans -Pregnancy is a time where you have to ditch the old trousers and leggings and find the right pair of maternity jeans. You might have to shop around a bit, but once you find something that suits you, you won’t want to do without it. Check out the collection of maternity jeans and leggings at Peachymama. Maternity jeans and leggings are comfortable and are designed in a way so that it grows along with your bump.
  • Maternity tops and nursing blouses -As your belly grows, you will need clothing that has extra ruching or gathers around the belly. Nursing blouses and tops are stylish yet comfortable and have ample space for your growing bump. Most nursing tops are stretchable and can be worn during pregnancy as well as once your baby is born. For work, team it with a stylish blazer or cardigan that covers your baby bump.
  • Maternity bras -During pregnancy, your bra size might go up a couple of cup sizes, and you may have tenderness and breast pain. It is important that you use a bra that supports you well and is comfortable. Most moms-to-be find that they can go for bra fittings when they are about four months pregnant. Pregnancy and nursing bras are designed in a way that allows easy and convenient breastfeeding or pumping.
  • Flowing dresses - Most moms-to-be find dresses easy and convenient to wear when pregnant as it’s easy to go to the bathroom when at work (and at doctor’s appointments as well). Peachymama has a wide selection of flowing dresses that are appropriate for work.
  • Clothes for special occasions -Consider investing in some maternity garments that are stylish and that you can wear to office parties and other special occasions. Black is a good color, but there are other options as well. The great thing about these dresses and outfits is that you can continue wearing them even after your baby is born.

  • Wear comfortable shoes -Pregnancy is a time when you may also have swelling in your feet, so feel free to buy some comfortable and cute flats. You may have to go up a size but choose what is best for you. 

Tips for Dressing When Pregnant

Here are some tips that you could use when dressing while pregnant.

  • Wear comfortable and slightly loose-fitting clothing that is breathable and easy on your skin.

  • Have a few basic, go-to clothing pieces that you can mix and match with scarves, neckpieces, earrings, etc.

  • Long and flowing dresses with a belt above your waist are a great way to show off your baby bump.

  • It’s all right to wear heels to work, but have a back-up pair of flats with you (just in case).

  • Wear layers that cover your bump during the colder months.

The Bottom Line

Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. When dressing for work, especially when you are pregnant, don’t wear anything that does not make you feel confident. With a few basic maternity outfits, you can surely transform your work wardrobe into something great.



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