#EachForEqual – Furthering the Fight for Equality

#EachForEqual – Furthering the Fight for Equality

On March 8 each year, people the world over join together to recognise the achievements of women and continue the push toward equality. International Women’s Day (IWD) provides a chance for us all to celebrate the great progress we’ve made, while reflect on the changes we still need to make to achieve real gender parity.

Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day?

Originating in the early 1900s, International Women’s Day started out as a small protest movement. Over the last century, it has grown into an annual global event and is now one of the most high profile symbols of the fight for equality.

As a genuinely global event, IWD celebrations are not restricted to specific countries, groups, or organisations. They generally involve a series of events that are designed to engage, educate, and inspire the community, and some countries even acknowledge the day through an official holiday.

If you have any questions about International Women’s Day or would like more information on its history and this year’s events, we recommend you visit the IWD website.

Fighting for equality

This year, in recognition of the ability we all have to affect change, the theme for IWD is #EachForEqual. Built on the belief that gender equality is an important step toward creating a world that is healthier, happier, and more harmonious; this year’s theme acknowledges the potential economic benefits of gender parity.

As the World Economic Forum stated in their 2018 Global Gender Gap Report, based on current progress, we may not see true gender parity for over another 100 years. If that’s the case, equality will not be achieved in our lifetime and our daughters – and probably our granddaughters – will continue to experience a level of financial and social disadvantage.

While we may experience a smaller gender gap here in the US – and industries like healthcare and education are further along the journey to equality – we still have a lot to do. According to statistics from inequality.org:

  • While women make up the vast majority (67%) of people on the federal minimum wage, we are a distinct minority when it comes to the top wage earners – only 27% of the top 10% are women.
  • Women in full-time work earn less than 81% of what their male counterparts are paid.
  • On average, American men have approximately three times more retirement savings than American women ($123,000 v $42,000).

What do we think equality means?

At Peachymama, we’re committed to supporting all women to be the best version of themselves. We believe that every mother deserves to be able to choose how she want to live her life and that equality means everyone having access to the things they need to thrive. After all, all approaches to motherhood are valid and worthy of respect.

Also, we feel true equality cannot be reached until all women are able to fully contribute to every part of society. Removing the barriers every mama must face – like finding affordable childcare and battling the stigma associated with breastfeeding – will allow us to more actively and easily pursue our true purpose and realize our full potential.

That’s why we’re so passionate about providing all mamas with clothing option that are both stylish and practical. For example, the nursing tops we stock suit all situations – from casual basics to more formal, work attire – while still allowing you to easily, and discreetly, nurse (or pump!) you’re your little one requires.

While we know we’re not changing the world, we’re doing what we can to make the lives of mamas a little easier – and we’re truly humbled by how much this is appreciated.

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