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Holiday Packing Essentials For Families With Bubs

December 18, 2017

Holiday Packing Essentials For Families With Bubs

Packing for holidays can be stressful enough as it is, and when you throw a baby into the mix, it’s even more so. Gone are the days when you carelessly threw a bikini and some summer dresses into your bag and hoped for the best. Now you have to plan for every moment of the day and every little thing that your bub might need or want.

If the thought of packing for your next holiday fills you with dread, never fear. We’ve compiled a handy guide to packing for your bub so that you don’t forget any of the important stuff, and can focus on getting excited about your upcoming holiday.

Clothing, Accessories, and Bathing

Depending on where you’re heading, the clothing that you pack will differ somewhat. Do a quick check online of the predicted temperatures to give yourself an idea, and allow for some wiggle room. If there are laundry facilities available you won’t need to pack as much, so do your research first to see what the amenities are.

  • Cool clothes

Singlets, shorts, and nappy covers are all easy enough to pack and great for layering should you find the temperatures a little cooler than you thought.

  • Warm clothes

Even if you don’t plan on experiencing cold temperatures, it’s best to have a few long-sleeved shirts and pants on hand, and clothing that can provide coverage from the sun.

  • Swimwear

Most family holidays consist of a swim at least once, so pack their hats, swimming costume, swim nappies, towels, and sunscreen.

  • Sleepwear

Try to keep your baby in the same night clothes they’re used to at home, so they feel comfortable in their routine.

  • Nappies and supplies 

Pack enough nappies, wipes, nappy bags, and nappy cream to get you through. If there’s access to a grocery store, you’ll be able to stock up as you go, but you’ll still need enough for the trip and the first day.

  • Baby toiletries

If your bub uses special soaps, shampoos, washers or sponges, be sure to pack these too.

Travel and Sleep Accessories

No matter the mode of travel you’re taking, there are a few essentials that no family should go without to transport their bub. Here are some things to consider that make moving around a lot easier.

  • Pram

A pram is essential for baby, and it can even help to take the load of some of your luggage. Most airlines allow for free check-in of a pram on each flight, but confirm this before you take off.

  • Portacot

If there are no cots available for hire at your destination, you’ll want to bring a portacot. Don’t forget the sheets and sunshades that come with it.

  • Baby carrier

No travelling family should be without a sling or carrier, and they can be an absolute lifesaver on holidays.

  • Car seat

Some families like to bring a car seat along for use in a rental car. Otherwise, you can opt for one to be installed before you hire it.

  • Blankets or sleeping bags

Whatever your baby uses at home, bring it along. This might be a light and heavy sleeping bag, muslins, or thicker blankets and wraps.

  • Nightlight/white noise machine

Depending on how your baby sleeps most comfortably, you’ll want to bring along their accessories to your holiday. This can include white noise machines or a night light for feeds to make it as comfortable as possible.

Food and Drink Supplies

Whether you’re taking a plane, train or car, food and drink is an important part of any packing list. Here are some things you’ll want to bring along to keep your baby fed and happy.

  • Breast pump and accessories

A breastfeeding mum never knows when they might need to pump, so bring along your trusty pump, milk storage bags, and cleaning equipment.

  • Snacks

Easy to feed snacks are ideal for babies and toddlers, so have some prepared in advance in small packaging that’s easy to reach.

  • Feeding equipment

Everything else you’ll need including bottles, cleaning brushes, baby spoons and bowls, dummies, and insulated travel bags for your milk.

Other Essentials

Depending on your baby and the holiday destination, there are some other essentials you might want to bring along.

  • Baby monitor

Bring along your baby monitor to keep a check on baby as they sleep or nap, as your accommodation might have a different layout than your house, which means bub may be further away than you think.

  • Passports and documents

If you’re travelling by plane, you may need documents for your baby to show their proof of age and identity, so bring along their birth certificate. For overseas travellers, be sure to have their passport ready to go.

  • Stair gates

Some hotels and apartments might not be baby safe, so consider bringing along a portable stair gate to keep kids away from staircases and balconies.

  • First aid kit

A few supplies like band-aids and antiseptic cream could come in very handy when you’re away on holiday.

Over the years we’ve written a number of posts with tips for travelling and holidaying with with little ones, and invite you to explore and revisit our blog as often as you like.


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