Staying Comfortable in Your Last Trimester

Staying Comfortable in Your Last Trimester

When you’re in the third trimester, you might be eagerly waiting for your baby to arrive, but at the same time might be in pain and discomfort. Your body is changing every day, and now you can feel your little one's movements getting stronger. It is harder to do the little things you never thought about before, like getting up from the bed. Back and hip pains, swollen breasts, and throbbing feet make it nearly impossible to stay comfortable for long. At times it may feel like your body has turned on you. You long for the pain-free and easy days you had before the pregnancy. There's no need to worry. 

Try these tips and tricks to eliminate all the discomfort you may be facing in these last few months. 

Talk to Your Doctor about Pain

All moms have different experiences during their pregnancies. While some may be lucky enough not to be in much pain, others may find the pain affecting their day-to-day lives. If you find yourself in significant discomfort, speak to your gynecologist or midwife about it. As an expectant mom, you cannot take certain medicines, but there may be alternative solutions your doctor can prescribe. There are different remedies to help deal with the pain. Your doctor may prescribe willow-bark aspirin or some other natural and low-dose pain medicine. Help relieve the pressure on your nerves by getting your doctor or midwife’s approval for a pregnancy massage. Remember to ask your doctor before you try anything for the pain.

Massage Your Pains Away

In the third trimester, your complete body may seem swollen or sore throughout the day. Your back will be tired from carrying the baby for so many months, and your muscles feel weak. The best way to get rid of all the soreness and pains is to get a good prenatal massage. You can ask your partner or friend to help you. There are also many massage devices that you can use. If possible, look for experienced and trained individuals in your area who offer prenatal massages. Make sure to ask your doctor, as certain techniques can cause premature labor.

Support Your Body with More Pillows 

Pillows will help keep your body supported and comfortable in the third trimester. Whether you need to sleep or sit in a chair for long periods, remember to get additional support through pillows. Pillows come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. You can find some that provide additional support to the back when you're sitting down. Others can be used to relieve your belly of any pressure when you sleep. Specially designed longer pillows made for pregnancy also offer expecting moms some extra support in all the right places. 

Buy Comfortable Clothing

In the third trimester, a lot of your clothes won't feel as comfortable as they did before. You can find fashionable nursing dresses, tanks, and tops to go with some well-fitting maternity pants. It will make the last few months of your pregnancy much easier on your body. Relieve some of that back pain with comfortable sandals to avoid putting all the pressure on your heels. 

Take Long, Warm Baths

Sleeping can be harder for many pregnant women during the last trimester. Pains and discomfort make relaxing a difficult task. Make it easier to get to sleep by starting or ending your day with a nice, warm bath. Add some Epsom salt, and enjoy the relief in pressure and pains. It will help relax your mind and body for a good night's sleep.

Eat Smaller Meal Portions

Many expectant moms experience indigestion and heartburn in the third trimester. The gas, bloating, and discomfort make it harder to do anything. Try eating smaller portions of meals throughout the day. It gives your body time to break down the food and prevents indigestion. Avoid eating anything a few hours before you sleep.

The third trimester can be hard. Consider using some or all of these suggestions to ease your pains, stay comfortable, and prepare for the arrival of your little one. 


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