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Breastfeeding in Winter - Tips for Staying Warm

June 03, 2016

Staying Warm When Breastfeeding in Winter

Feel the chill in Winter? Breastfeeding during the colder months can be a challenge, especially when you are out in public.

Here are some of our best tips for how you and your baby can stay nice and snug while feeding – on even the coldest of days:

Choose Your Clothing Wisely

The key to staying warm is keeping your skin as covered as possible. Moms can wear as many layers as she likes as long as she is wearing the right clothing underneath which allows for quick and easy access to the breast.

  • Wear nursing tops: The nursing tops here at Peachymama are designed so that as little skin is revealed as possible while breastfeeding in winter. Our unique breastfeeding tops allow moms to expose only as much breast as necessary to feed her baby while keeping her back, tummy, shoulders and arms fully covered. This will prevent you from getting chills from cold wintry drafts.

  • Wear button down tops: Tops with buttons are another fantastic option for keeping your skin covered during a feed. Consider wearing a stretchy tank top underneath for added warmth.

  • Wear A Scarf: When wrapped creatively, scarves can provide you with full frontal protection and also act as a comfortable blanket for your baby. Keep your jacket on and your back will stay covered as well.

  • Use a Boob Tube: Another popular solution is for moms to wear a boob tube beneath their nursing bra. In colder areas, this can be worn beneath your nursing tops and dresses for added warmth.

Be Prepared

If you happen to live in a draughty house or are travelling somewhere, have everything that you need on hand to ensure that you and baby will stay warm. Some essentials include:

  • Jackets and gloves

  • A warm tight-knit blanket to block cold winter wind

  • Hats

  • Hand warmers (these can quickly be activated at any time and keep both you and bub comfy and cosy)

At home, consider having a heater or a back warmer within arms reach so that it can be turned on in an instant and provide you with instant warmth. Throw a blanket over your favourite breastfeeding chair so that it is accessible. If you are feeding frequently, consider brewing a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and pouring it inside an insulated drinking container. This will keep your drink nice and warm for the next several hours, which is a handy and delicious way of keeping warm during winter.

If you are looking for some fashion-forward tops that have been designed specially for breastfeeding, see our latest range and contact us here at Peachymama if you have any questions on style and fit.


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