Styling Your Baby Bump

Styling Your Baby Bump

When you’re pregnant, dressing up can be complicated. Many of the style tips that you followed pre-pregnancy will no longer work. You will notice that your body will go through changes in each trimester. If you want to look your best during your pregnancy, there are a whole new set of things you'll need to consider. Though it can get overwhelming, several tips and tricks can help you look and feel beautiful throughout your pregnancy. 

Your journey is all about embracing the power of creating a new child within you. Highlighting your baby bump will make you feel more empowered and in control. The rules of styling your baby bump differ in each trimester. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind:

Styling your bump in the first trimester:

During your first trimester, your baby bump is probably not that visible. It is usually just a small bulge. This is why most of the tips during this trimester are focused on ensuring that you don't appear bloated. 

  • Get maternity jeans and jeggings: One of the first things you'll notice is that it becomes a bit harder to get into your favorite pair of jeans. Look for comfortable jeggings or maternity jeans that allow for the small baby bump and flatter your body shape.

  • Wear oversized and loose clothes: Oversized tees and shirts will be your best bet during the first trimester. Opt for flowy and loose dresses or jumpsuits that have busy patterns and make you feel comfortable. You can buy nursing dresses that you can use after your baby is born as well. You will notice that at this time, you will just need to go one size up, so don’t go overboard with maternity stuff at this time. 

Styling your bump in the second trimester:

The second trimester is not only usually nausea-free but also the best for maternity fashion. Your baby bump will be a little more visible, and now you can highlight it any way you want.

  • Grab some maternity tops: For an everyday and casual look, use comfortable maternity tops that you can continue using post-partum. The ruched sides on maternity tees and tops are perfect for highlighting your bump. They give your waist a nice silhouette and are extremely comfortable even when worn for long periods.

  • Style tops over dresses: Whether you're buying maternity dresses or using regular flowy ones, wearing a knotted top over your bump will take your pregnancy fashion game much further. It creates the illusion of an empire waist, which is great for any pregnancy. During the summer, you can ditch the tops completely and instead tie a belt or ribbon right above your bump to create the perfect look. 

Styling your bump in the third trimester:

Styling your baby bump during the last trimester is more about comfort than fashion. Your baby will keep growing every week, and a lot of your clothes won’t fit anymore. So everything becomes a lot trickier during the third trimester. 

  • Use maternity jeggings: Baby weight is different for everyone, but a lot of the time, in the third trimester, you will be packing more weight onto your upper thighs. Maternity jeans and pants no longer feel as comfortable, which is why you need to get the best, stretchable maternity jeggings that you can find. You can throw them on under any top and spend the whole day in them. If you're going through sciatic pain, try jeggings with wider waistbands at the top for support.

  • Invest in maxi dresses: Slightly oversized maxi dresses can help you bring up your pregnancy style a few notches. Don't bother with tight and skin-fitting outfits. You'll find yourself needing more flowy dresses that you can put on and run errands in. For a more flattering look, don't forget to create the faux empire waistline with a belt. 


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