Surviving Baby Blues: Tips from Other Moms

Surviving Baby Blues: Tips from Other Moms

“Baby blues” or postpartum anxiety can happen to any mom. Studies say that around 60 to 80 percent of moms feel anxious or depressed a few days or weeks after delivery. It can even happen a few days before your baby is born. Isn’t this a time when you should be delighted, welcoming your little one? You don’t know why you’re upset and irritable or why you just had a cry. 

When you look at it objectively, childbirth and caring for a brand new little person can be quite an overwhelming task, especially if you are a first-time mom. You are exhausted after the delivery, your hormones are fluctuating, and you might be in pain and unable to move much if you had a complicated delivery. To add to all of that, your baby seeks your attention round the clock. Baby blues are natural and will surely get better with time. But in order to deal with the situation in a better way, keep in mind these tips.

  • Be kind to yourself - You just gave birth to a human being you nurtured for many months. It is all right to be puffy and round, still. It’s all right not to live up to the perfectionism that you might have envisioned. After a few weeks, once you get into the rhythm of your new life with baby, you will automatically be able to handle everything in a much better way. Don’t judge yourself or feel ashamed and guilty. You are already doing the best job you can as a mom. 

  • Identify your feelings - It’s important to tune in with your feelings and identify what you feel when you’re blue. Are you scared to look after a newborn? Do you feel frustrated that you don’t have much time for yourself? Or are you affected by the physical changes in your body? If your anxiety continues for over two weeks, it is important to consider speaking to your family doctor or obstetrician about it as it may lead to depression. 

  • Cry if you want to - If crying is your way of dealing with stress and emotions, it’s perfectly normal to do so. Crying does not mean that you are not a good mom or that you don’t love your baby. Seek support and encouragement from your partner, family, and friends at this time.

  • Make time for yourself - Though in the initial days after your baby is born, it will be super busy, it is important that you take a few minutes off for yourself. Get someone else to look after your baby while you take a hot shower or a nice bath. You could even go for a brisk walk by yourself or simply relax doing nothing. Even a 10–15 minute break will do you good.

  • Connect with other moms- Remember that you are not the first person to feel this way, and you will not be the last. There are many moms out there who feel exactly the way you do right now. Join a mom’s group either locally or online and make some new mom-friends. Knowing that you’re not in it alone will give you consolation. You can then lift each other up and go through motherhood together.

  • Be grateful - Being grateful for your new family, for being able to spend time with your child, and for being able to be a mom is the greatest joy of all. Keep a diary or journal if you need to. Each day write down what you are grateful for. Draw up a list of all the wonderful things in your life and keep it in a place where you can see it so that you are always reminded of all those beautiful things!

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