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The Mindful Mama – Fitting Self-care Into Your Regular Routine

The Mindful Mama – Fitting Self-care Into Your Regular Routine

As a new mom, self-care is probably the last thing on your mind. With most of your time and energy devoted to caring for your little miracle, your own health and wellbeing tend to take a backseat. But looking after yourself shouldn’t be considered a luxury.

Mindfulness is one of the best forms of self-care. Based on Buddhist traditions and practices, mindfulness is purposefully focusing on the current moment, without judgment. It can help you be more centered and present and has been consistently shown to deliver a myriad of health benefits, from lowering stress levels and reducing anxiety, to supporting better quality sleep.

Best of all, working mindfulness into your routine is easy. In fact, this is probably one of the best times to start practicing mindfulness, as many of the things you’re already doing and experiencing as a new mom can be made into a mindfulness moment.

Mindful breathing

It doesn’t get much simpler than breathing! No matter what you’re doing, or how much you have going on, you’re always breathing. It’s something you can’t help but do and probably don’t think about too often – which makes it perfect for a mindfulness moment!

Next time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, take a second to focus on your breathing. Pay attention to how your chest rises and falls as you inhale and release. Feel the airflow into your body… and back out again. No need to slow or deepen your breath – just notice (and appreciate!) the natural rhythm of your respiratory system.

Mindful walking

For many new mothers, much of the first year is spent walking. Between late-night soothing and post-feed burping, it can feel a little like you’re training for a marathon as you pace back and forth, rocking and bouncing your little angel. The good news is, all those laps of your living room can also be a mindfulness moment.

Next time you’re wandering around your house, babe in arms, take the opportunity to notice how your feet feel on the floor. Notice your legs flexing and relaxing throughout your stride, keeping you steady and moving you around. Be aware of all parts of your gait, from full contact with the ground, through the swing of your step, to the momentary pause between your paces.

Mindful mantras

Mantras have a bit of a bad reputation these days, but it’s completely unwarranted. Although they are often linked with ‘new age’ spiritualism, mantras are something most people use every day – they’re just not aware of it.

A mantra is simply a tool to help focus the mind. They are usually a single word or a sentence or phrase that is said over and over again and can be positive (like ‘I can do it’ and ‘It’s OK’), or negative (like ‘I’m exhausted’ and ‘There’s too much to do’).

Adopting a positive mantra can be a great way to help build resilience and counter negative thoughts. For an extra boost, pick one that’s special or personal to you, like a quote from your favorite book or a lyric from a song you love.

Mom and baby yoga

Did you know that yoga can help with your post-birth recovery? Many fitness centers and yoga studios offer special mom and baby classes, which are designed to get you moving again and help increase your interaction and connection with your baby. The exercises included have even been found to improve your little one’s motor skills, coordination, and digestion.

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