The Newborn Essentials Checklist: All You Need Before the Baby Gets Here

The Newborn Essentials Checklist: All You Need Before the Baby Gets Here

When preparing for your little one, things can get stressful and confusing. You may find yourself easily overwhelmed as there’s so much information everywhere. But the best way for you to move forward is to remember why you need certain things. Initially, in the first few weeks, the most basic things that your baby will need are milk, a place to sleep, and absorbent diapers. To make it easier for you to decide on what you need to buy, here is a newborn essentials checklist to guide you through.


Babies need to be well-fed to maintain their birth weight or gain more. The first thing you'll need to decide is how you'll feed your baby. Breast milk is undoubtedly the best for your baby, and many hospitals these days are pro-breastfeeding. However, if you want to move forward with infant formula for ease and convenience, there is a separate list you can go through.

  • Breastfeeding essentials: If you plan on breastfeeding, make sure you have some nursing tops and dresses at hand. Nursing outfits are comfortable and convenient and make feeding your baby really easy. Another post-pregnancy necessity is high-quality nursing bras that can provide you with good support and accessibility. Accessories that will help you through the process include burp cloths, lots of bibs, a high-quality breast pump, and a nursing pillow.

  • Formula feeding essentials: Formula feeding is relatively easier and requires fewer things. Decide on the formula you want to give your baby and stock it up for the first few weeks. Get a set of bottles with newborn nipples, a bottle sterilizer, bibs, burp cloths, and a thermal bottle carrier.


Eco-friendly diapers are all the hype nowadays. Whether you decide to go with reusable cloth diapers or disposable ones, a good idea is that you get a lot of them for starters.

  • Reusable cloth diapers: Buy several dozen good-quality cloth or reusable diapers. For cleaning the baby's bottom, decide on wipes or cotton washcloths. The diapers must be secured well, which is why you need to get some safety pins or Velcro. You'll find that a good ointment or diaper rash cream can do wonders to keep the bottom rash-free.

  • Disposable diapers: Get two packs of newborn-sized diapers for the first few weeks post-birth. Remember to get a good changing pad, diaper rash cream, and a diaper bin to make the process easier.


Here is a checklist of all the clothing items your baby will need:

  • Short-sleeved and long-sleeved onesies or bodysuits
  • Stretchy sleepers (The ones with zippers will make your life so much easier!)
  • Some shirts and pants
  • Newborn hats
  • Socks and booties
  • Nightgowns
  • A few dressing up outfits

Also, remember to get a detergent that is safe for infants.


You must have the right supplies for your baby to get some good sleep. Remember to keep the SIDS guidelines in mind when you're buying things. Get an approved cot and cot mattress, some mattress covers and cot sheets, a few light blankets, and a sleep sack.

Other essentials

A few other things that you'll need to buy before the baby gets here are:

  • An approved infant safety car seat
  • A stroller that reclines back and helps the newborn lie flat
  • Baby carrier for shorter walks and quick errands
  • Large diaper bag
  • Large cotton blankets
  • Some bath-time essentials like an approved infant tub, some towels, and baby soap
  • Nail clippers or scissors

A basic rule of thumb when buying things for your newborn is to steer clear of things that you will not need immediately. Quite often, such things go unused. If there's anything else you need, you can always go on a quick shopping spree while your baby is with another caregiver.

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