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Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Expectant Moms

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Expectant Moms

Whether it is your spouse, a family member, or your best friend who is expecting, all moms-to-be need that extra love and care to help make her journey a memorable one. Gifting an expectant mom something that she will need during and after her pregnancy is a great way to show that you care for her. What would be a better time than at Christmas to give her something special? 

  • Maternity tops - All expectant moms will need a slightly different wardrobe during and after their pregnancy days, especially if they will be breastfeeding or pumping. Make sure to check out some maternity tops that will look great on the new mom-to-be!
  • Dresses - Which mom wouldn’t love to wear a pretty dress after delivery? Better still is a dress that can discreetly allow breastfeeding or pumping. Find the perfect maternity dress that the new mom will love and continue to wear even after she’s finished nursing her baby.
  • Pants - If you feel like the new mom would be most comfortable in pants, you can get her post-partum high-rise pants and leggings. She is sure to love them, as they not only look great but will also help her to comfortably tuck her tummy in. 
  • Pampering sets - It’s true that we need that extra bit of pampering and even truer for a mom during their pregnancy days! Get her a ready-made pampering set that could include a shower gel, lip balm, moisturizers, and lotions especially for her stretching belly. Or you could put together a set of your own. Just make sure that the products you buy are safe to use during pregnancy. 
  • Pregnancy wedge pillow or body pillow - Wedge pillows are used to support an expectant mom’s growing belly by adding support and reducing back strain. During pregnancy, sleeping on the left side is recommended as it helps maintain easy blood flow to the uterus. A body pillow, on the other hand, is a U-shaped pillow that provides comfort to the entire body. This is something that she is guaranteed to love!
  • Belly casting kits - At about 34 to 37 weeks of gestation, belly casts are a great keepsake for any pregnant mom. Make things a bit more exciting and gift a belly casting kit. These kits include everything that you need to make a cast, such as plaster tape, lubricant, gloves, and a sanding screen. 
  • Pregnancy books - Being a new mom can be an exciting yet nervous time for some. There are plenty of great books that have good pregnancy-related information. Each pregnancy is different, and there’s no harm in reading up on issues related to pregnancy, delivery, and looking after a newborn.
  • A journal - Pregnancy is a time of different emotions and new experiences. Keeping a journal is a lovely way to remember these special times and beautiful moments. You can also find special pregnancy journals where you can highlight specific dates and jot down points to remember, or one that has quotations and anecdotes put together in a way especially for expectant moms.
  • Memory photo book - Once the little one is born, the new mom will not stop taking pictures of her new joy. Having said that, gifting a photo album is an ideal token to keep all the memories alive. 
  • Gift cards - When you feel like you can’t decide what to gift the expectant mom, a gift card is a great option! This way, she gets to choose what she thinks is the best fit for her current needs. 


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