Valentine’s Day – Five Ways to Reconnect When You Have a Newborn

Valentine’s Day – Five Ways to Reconnect When You Have a Newborn

So… Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s your first one as parents. Chances are, things have changed a lot over the last year, and it’s been a while since you spent time with your partner, as just the two of you. While this is completely understandable – your little miracle has been your main focus – now is the perfect time to celebrate your relationship.

With everything you have going on, finding some ‘couple time’ may seem impossible, and the thought of leaving your precious gift with a sitter is probably too much to bear. But romance doesn’t need to be an expensive dinner and a night out. Try these simple ideas to reignite the spark in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

Make it a true ‘day of love’

Too often, Valentine’s Day is thought of as just evening plans – like dinner, drinks, and dancing – but it shouldn’t be. Try finding small ways to show your love throughout to help make it a full day celebration. You could start with a special breakfast, hide love notes in your partner’s pocket or bag, and plan a long casual lunch.

And, while it may not seem like fun to plan things out, locking in activities ahead of time is a requirement when you’re a new parent. If you leave things to the last minute or try to be too spontaneous, you risk getting caught up with your little one and completely missing the whole day.

Keep it personal

While it might be tempting to fall back on the cliché of flowers and chocolates, such gifts show little care and understanding of who your partner really is. If you want to get a gift, focus on the things your loved one loves doing, but hasn’t had time for since you became parents. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive. Often smaller, more thoughtful gestures are much more meaningful.

Elevate an everyday moment

As a new parent, you spend so much time and energy keeping your little one happy and healthy. Unfortunately, this usually comes at the cost of the little indulgences that used to be part of your regular routine.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to bring back some of these luxuries. Whether it’s eating your favorite takeaway at a nicely laid table or retiring to a freshly made bed, putting in a little extra effort can make an ordinary moment into something magical.

Also, never underestimate the power of ambiance. Just dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and putting on some soft music can make a world of difference.

Pick out a flirty outfit

You know how different you feel when you’re wearing something you love. A great outfit can lift your confidence, improve your mood, and – dare we say it? – make you feel sexy.

Whatever you’re doing, make it extra special by choosing a fun (and flirty!) outfit. Something like our Rose Midi "Rose Midi" or "Sheer Ruffle in Black Floral" would be perfect for any romantic occasion. They’re also designed with practicality in mind, making it easy to tend to your little bundle of joy if or when they decide they want dinner too!

Make it more than just one day

Keeping passion and intimacy alive after you’ve had a baby can be hard and definitely takes work. Your Valentine’s Day celebration can be a starting point, and while you’re enjoying your special moment together, you should talk about how you will stay connected throughout the rest of the year. Be honest and open about your needs and expectations and agree on the little things you will do to make sure your partner knows you care.

Photo byJonathan Borba onUnsplash

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