Visiting a Newborn

Visiting a Newborn

A newborn baby always brings joy and excitement into our lives. We cannot wait to meet the newborn and get enough of the sweet newborn smell and warm snuggles. However, we should consider the needs and requirements of the new parents rather than focusing on our own excitement. We must remember not to impose no matter how much we want those cuddles with the cute little one!

Here are 7 tips to keep in mind before visiting a family with a newborn:

  • Respect the parent’s wishes - Often, the parents of a newborn are stressed and tired and may be uncomfortable with the thought of someone visiting them at the hospital or at home. Don’t show up at the hospital unannounced. While in your mind you have the best intentions, the other party may not feel the same. Give the new parents space and time to adjust to their new lifestyle. Choosing a later time to visit would be a good idea!
  • Always ask before you visit - Even though it’s really exciting, having a new baby can be quite stressful for parents. Apart from a whole new feeding and sleeping schedule, there are definitely many late nights and early mornings. Make it easier for yourself and the new parents by coordinating with them before you visit. Let them know that you will meet the baby when they’re ready. Dropping in unannounced is a big no no! If you plan to visit, also take the opportunity to offer to bring them some groceries or babysit their older kids.
  • Offer them a home-cooked meal- When a newborn arrives, it gets really hectic for the parents. They will need to juggle looking after the new baby, older kids, if they have any, as well as themselves. This leaves them with little time to cook a decent meal. If you decide to visit, taking them a home-cooked meal will make them feel loved and cared for.
  • Stay away if you’re unwell - Newborns are delicate and have weaker immune systems. This makes babies vulnerable to illnesses and viruses. Postpone your visit if you are not feeling fully well. You can always visit once you are fully recovered, and always remember to wash your hands or use a sanitizer before you hold the baby. 
  • Give the parents space and time - When you go over to visit the new baby, don’t overstay your welcome. The parents will definitely feel happy if you visit, but they need time to look after the baby and themselves. So congratulate the parents and keep your visit short and sweet. 
  • Ask if you can take photos - A new baby is the most precious thing to the parents, and some parents might feel quite possessive of their little bundle of joy! Some parents prefer not to post updates about their baby on social media due to security and privacy reasons. The parents will show off their little baby in their own time if they want to. So respect the parents’ wishes and do not take pictures or post on social media without asking the parents’ permission. 
  • Don’t pry or offer unsolicited advice-No one likes advice that is not asked for! Don’t lecture the parents on how to raise or look after their kids. Refrain from asking detailed questions or talking about issues that the parents are not comfortable with. The mom will share details about her delivery or other stuff when she feels ready. In the meantime, be supportive and understanding in the best way you can. 

Keep these suggestions in mind, and you will find that the parents, in their own time, will be more than happy to have you share some precious moments with their new bundle of joy.


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