How Peachymama Breastfeeding Dresses Work

Hi, I'm Merril from the Breastfeeding label, Peachymama. I'm here today just to show you how our breastfeeding dresses work.

The majority of our dresses have an overlay, so the top layer is lifted with the underneath being pulled down so you can unclip your bra and breastfeed easily, discreetly, comfortably. And then you just pop it back.

This one has a tie at the back so you can tighten it as much as you want or have it looser if that`s more comfortable. It's also designed to fit just over the top of the midriff so that you are covering that section up.

As a lot of women really want that part to be covered after they`ve had their baby. It is designed with the postpartum body in mind which makes this dress really popular. It's been one of our best sellers. It's called the Vavavoom, comes in many different colors, and I hope you enjoy wearing it.

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