What If Your Peachymama Garment Doesn't Fit?

Finding the right size garment when you’re expecting or after your new baby is born can be tricky. To help you find the right size at any time, we’ve put together this handy size guide to show you how you should take measurements.

Here are some other quick reminders on how to treat your Peachymama garment once received to make the possible exchange or refund process as easy as possible:

  1. Please do not wash the garment! We’re unable to accept clothing that has been washed
  2. Please do not wear the garment! By all means, try it on to ensure the right fit. We’re simply asking that you don’t wear the item for the day or to an outing prior to returning it.
  3. Please do not try on the garment wearing anything that may leave a mark (make-up, deodorant, etc.)! We may not be able to offer an exchange or refund if there are stains or marks on the returned item.

With these pointers in mind, here are some extra tips about what to do if your Peachymama garment doesn’t fit:

The Garment is Too Big

If you have already given birth and it turns out your Peachymama tank, top, shirt, or dress doesn’t fit, by all means, contact us to request a refund or to make an exchange.

We offer a generous return policy, meaning that if you request a refund within the return timeframe.

My Garment is Too Small

Despite our garments typically being made from stretchy material, situations may arise when a garment feels too tight or uncomfortable.

If a garment is too small after the birth of your baby, you can consider holding onto it over the return timeframe - just let us know beforehand.

A new mom’s body can change a lot over the course of several weeks, and the garment may fit better later on. You can return your garment for an exchange or a refund at any point within the return timeframe.

If you have any further questions about the sizing of your garment or about an exchange or refund, please contact us.


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